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Right now it is the morning of September 19th here in the Czech Republic. I was learning a new word (I can say 'Thank you' quite well now (or so they tell me (and have forgotten all my Hungarian words already but not my few bits of German since I've known those words for awhile)). I am starting to work on 'goodbye', so back to the BBC language site.

There are formal words for hello and goodbye that I've been hearing people say but then I noticed that there is a casual expression that means both.

It is spelled Ahoj and pronounced Ah'Hoy. Which made me wonder if it was related to Ahoy Matey, which made me look it up on the internet, which led me to discover that WOW, Today is International Talk Like a Pirate Day! Arrrr!

This picture is from the entrance to the building next door to the hostel.
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