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The Gnomes, or ‘krasnale’ of Wroclaw. There's one little guy by a sign and another positioned in the alcove on the right at the grand University building. They appeared first in 2001 and there might be 200 by now, each individually commissioned to be site specific.

I have to copy this from the InYourPocket website because it is just right:

"Although it sounds like little more than a twee tourist gimmick, gnomes have long held a place in Polish folklore, and their current iconic incarnation as symbols of Wroclaw actually has a direct correlation to the political climate of the 1980s.

"Under communism gnomes became the absurdist calling card of the 'Orange Alternative' movement – an underground protest movement that used absurdity and nonsense to stage peaceful, yet subversive protests."

There are maps for the tourists to buy and make a project for the kids to find them all.
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